Courage to Speak the Truth About Sexuality and Gender

“Hey, remember that new karaoke place I was telling you about?” my younger sister asked. “Well, listen to this event they just shared.” She then read a social media advertisement aloud. Using vulgar language, the ad described a weekly event celebrating alternative sexualities. The wording made fun of our small town’s old-fashioned values, and it… Continue reading Courage to Speak the Truth About Sexuality and Gender

What are Men and Women for?

I've been working my way through J. Budziszewski's On the Meaning of Sex over the last couple weeks in preparation for an article I'm planning to write. So far, it's packed with pithy phrases and too many quotable lines -- the struggle to not annoy my Facebook friends with too much information is real sometimes.… Continue reading What are Men and Women for?

Redefining Old Maid

"Eww! You're the Old Maid." The cacophony of childish voices would shriek and dissolve into a babble of laughter. Sometimes my voice was among them as we sat pointing and jeering at the unlucky child holding the only card with no match in the deck. Other times, I was the one left with the card… Continue reading Redefining Old Maid

More Problems with the Pill

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist, recently posted about some problems with the pill, titled "How 'The Pill' Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health." I've heard a lot of cautions against using oral contraceptives, but this concern was new to me. Since the introduction of oral contraceptives in the early 1960′s, use of The Pill, as… Continue reading More Problems with the Pill

Kassian’s Five Problems with the SlutWalk

This week CBMW's Gender Blog reprinted an article Mary Kassian wrote last year about the Toronto SlutWalk, protesting a "Toronto police officer's statement that young women could help safeguard themselves against rape by dressing more modestly." As the SlutWalk group of Toronto is preparing for another march next month, Kassian's words remind us of "why SlutWalk… Continue reading Kassian’s Five Problems with the SlutWalk