Attaining Unto The Presence of God

From my reading this morning of Brother Lawrence's┬áThe Practice of the Presence of God: Of Means For Attaining Unto The Presence of God 1. The first is a great purity of life; in guarding ourselves with care lest we should do or say or think on anything, which might be displeasing to God; and, when… Continue reading Attaining Unto The Presence of God

Elisabeth Elliot on Judgment and Humility

I love the work of Elisabeth Elliot. I always find her realistic, pithy honesty refreshing. In her On Asking God Why, she has a chapter titled "To Judge or Not to Judge." True to form, she calls it how she sees it. The only verse about judgment in the Bible which anyone seems to have… Continue reading Elisabeth Elliot on Judgment and Humility

Scot McKnight’s One.Life: Thoughtful.Provocative.Inspiring.

  I started reading another book this week. That makes six total right now -- still manageable, though I don't have time to read from each of them every day. I have no excuse. I am a self-accepting book addict. My "to-read" list doesn't end, and I like it that way. So anyway, I started… Continue reading Scot McKnight’s One.Life: Thoughtful.Provocative.Inspiring.

The Gospel Sketched by Scot McKnight

From Scot McKnight's The King Jesus Gospel: The Gospel Sketched It's time now to put this entire gospel together in a way more completely than I did in the previous chapter. There is no way to reduce this to four points, and there is also no way to sketch the gospel in a minute or… Continue reading The Gospel Sketched by Scot McKnight