Donald Miller on Church and Christian Agency

Last month Donald Miller stirred up the blogosphere when he wrote about his church attendance habits. I wasn't offended -- I can relate, actually -- but many Christians expressed concern and disapproval. A few weeks later, RELEVANT posted an interview with Miller, in which he clarified his earlier statements. Miller also explained his personal vision… Continue reading Donald Miller on Church and Christian Agency

A Christian Response to Mental Illness

I recently discussed the issue of mental illness among Christians with a friend who almost lost someone to suicide last week. Thinking about the topic led me to do a little research, and in the process I came across an old blog post by Ann Voskamp titled "What Christians Need to Know about Mental Health."… Continue reading A Christian Response to Mental Illness

Donald Miller Rarely Goes to Church, and I Can Relate

Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, made a lot of people mad on Monday when he wrote that he doesn't go to traditional church services very often. He explained that he connects to God better though work than through song. Some people were outraged. Others were politely disconcerted. Miller responded with another post, clarifying… Continue reading Donald Miller Rarely Goes to Church, and I Can Relate

The Heart of Christianity

I have been going through Justo L. Gonzalez' The Story of Christianity. I thought studying church history would be fascinating and perhaps inspiring. I did not expect to be challenged by it, or shamed by it. This story is breaking my heart. Consider the words of Basil, the Great Cappadocian: If one who takes the… Continue reading The Heart of Christianity

The Gender-Lite New Testament

This morning, Scot McKnight blogged about this post by Patrick Mitchel. Intrigued, I had to read the full post. Check out the beginning for yourself: I have a confession. I don’t really ‘get’ Christian single sex get togethers – whether Women’s Conferences (admittedly have only been to these in drag) or Men’s Conferences (been to… Continue reading The Gender-Lite New Testament