Reading the Beatitudes in Context

  I started seminary this week. After years of  prayer and months of planning, I'm finally here, studying for online classes through Fuller Theological Seminary. I've dreamed about this for so long, at times it still doesn't feel real. How is it that I am so blessed? I'm taking two classes this fall -- Church… Continue reading Reading the Beatitudes in Context

I’m Nobody Very Special

I took a camping trip earlier this week and actually had time to read fiction. The older a get, the more of a treat novels are. Curled up in a hammock, underneath the warm Missouri sun filtered through frolicking oak leaves, I turned my way through the pages of two books in C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles… Continue reading I’m Nobody Very Special

Rules, Virtue, and Crash-Barriers

The more I read N.T. Wright, the more I enjoy him. Consider this excerpt from After You Believe, taken out of the chapter titled "Three Virtues, Nine Varieties of Fruit, and One Body."Another illustration may help -- and may show that this is not a matter of playing rules and virtue off against each other,… Continue reading Rules, Virtue, and Crash-Barriers

A Writer’s Inspiration: Harriet Beecher Stowe

I read Chapter 11 of Scot McKnight's One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow last week. In that chapter, titled "Vocation.Life," McKnight turns his attention to Harriet Beecher Stowe. As a writer, I found McKnight's discussion extremely refreshing and inspiring. For me, writing has not been lucrative. Meaningful -- yes. But in the eyes of those steeped in… Continue reading A Writer’s Inspiration: Harriet Beecher Stowe

True King of the Wild Things

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary recently wrote a blog entry titled "What Maurice Sendak Can Teach the Church." Maurice Sendak, who just died, doesn’t seem, at first glance, to have much to teach Christians. After all, he was an atheist with a cynical outlook and a foul mouth. But underneath all of… Continue reading True King of the Wild Things