A Homestead in the Making

It’s been a busy six months since my last blog update. After years of planning and hoping, our dream of a family homestead is about to become a reality. My parents, siblings (and their families), and I are on the brink of a new adventure — and I cannot wait to begin!

We sold two pieces of property and purchased another a couple hours away. We are now the proud owners of 40 acres on a small, rural highway. It is mostly wooded — tangled and brambly, full of black walnuts and wild blackberries. There are a couple small clearings and a pond. Best of all, there is a small, year-round spring bubbling out from beneath a large boulder. The possibilities seem endless.

We are all wintering in the city. I’m writing when I can, which means a lot one week and none the next. This season is crazy, but after years of feeling stuck, I am so very thankful.

3 thoughts on “A Homestead in the Making”

  1. Hi, Read you’re Why do Do Anglicans become Catholic. Having moved from a wonderful brand of ACNA Anglican church across the country found having no ACNA to join, in a newer town and then COVID hitting harder. Have you discovered Daughters of the Holy Cross? They have an online group and they are ACNA.

    1. Hello Lorna! Sorry I am just now seeing this comment. I haven’t been blogging much during this season of life! I have not heard of the Daughters of the Holy Cross — I will definitely check them out! Since moving, I have been attending a Southern Baptist church. I don’t agree with everything, but there is good preaching, and it feels good to meet regularly with other believers, even if they are different than I am! But I’m really missing the Anglican Way of walking the Christian life. So thanks!

  2. I’m so happy for you all! You are getting much closer to that dream you’ve nurtured for so long! I’m cheering from the side!

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