Courage to Speak the Truth About Sexuality and Gender

“Hey, remember that new karaoke place I was telling you about?” my younger sister asked. “Well, listen to this event they just shared.”

She then read a social media advertisement aloud. Using vulgar language, the ad described a weekly event celebrating alternative sexualities. The wording made fun of our small town’s old-fashioned values, and it was clear — the owners of this establishment wanted to change our local culture.

“Wow, I can hardly believe that,” I answered. “I can’t imagine something like that going well here. If it does, things really are changing.” Our town, a regional tourist destination, is known for Christian values and wholesome entertainment.

“I know,” my sister said. “And I had wanted us to go eat there. I’m glad we didn’t.”

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1 thought on “Courage to Speak the Truth About Sexuality and Gender”

  1. Great read. I think many do not speak about their disagreement with LGBTQA+ views and lifestyles because we too are guilty of non LGBTQA+ sexual sin. So it seems that we are hypocritical and it conveys we are saying one sin is worse than the other. That is not what the Bible teaches. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own choices and whether I’m perfect or not, I do not agree with LGBTQA+ views. That’s my right but I have no place to judge.

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