Rediscovering “Passion and Purity”

This summer, when I turned to the first page of Elisabeth Elliot’s “Passion and Purity,” I tried to have an open mind. Through the years, I’ve read dozens of books about dating and marriage, and unfortunately many have fallen flat in the face of extended singleness.

Amid the recent mass cynicism toward purity culture (culminating in Joshua Harris’ defection from both the courtship movement and Christianity), I decided to revisit Elliot’s relationship classic. I had read it twice before, once as a teen and again in my early 20s. Since several of Elliot’s other books have continued to be formative in my Christian walk, I wondered if her dating wisdom would still be relevant in my mid-30s. I didn’t expect much — at this point, how much more could I have to learn?

Continue reading at Boundless.

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