Redefining Old Maid

“Eww! You’re the Old Maid.”

The cacophony of childish voices would shriek and dissolve into a babble of laughter. Sometimes my voice was among them as we sat pointing and jeering at the unlucky child holding the only card with no match in the deck. Other times, I was the one left with the card bearing the image of an awkward-looking older woman. I would roll my eyes and shake my head in defeat. It was only a game — next time I would be luckier.

More than two decades later, I remain a fan of many childhood games. I still spend lazy Sunday afternoons sitting around the coffee table with my nieces, playing Candy Land, Go Fish, and Chutes and Ladders. As a single woman in my 30s, however, Old Maid is one game I hope they never play.

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