The Lenten Fade to Light

It’s the last day of Lent — the season for remembering all that is wrong. Tomorrow, we turn our eyes to all that is right.

This evening, I finished the second part of Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. I thought one passage in particular would be a fitting entry to my final Lenten blog.

Then they had them to another place, called Mount-Innocent. And there they saw a man clothed all in White; and two men, Prejudice, and Ill-will, continually casting Dirt upon him. Now behold the Dirt, whatsoever they cast at him, would in little time fall off again, and his garment would look as clear as if no Dirt had been cast thereat.

Then said the Pilgrims what means this? The Shepherds answered, This man is named Godly-man, and this Garment is to shew the Innocency of his Life. Now those that throw Dirt at him, are such as hate his Well-doing, but as you see the Dirt will not stick upon his Clothes, so it shall be with him that liveth truly Innocently in the World. Whoever they be that would make such men dirty, they labor all in vain; for God, by that a little time is spent, will cause that their Innocence shall break forth as the Light, and their Righteousness as the Noon day.

Though we were clothed in scarlet, we now wear white. Though we were guilty, we have been judged as innocent.

Though we once lived in darkness, the Light has come. And where shadow once reigned, it is now as bright as the Noon day.

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