Faith for Roller Coasters

I don’t do heights.

I don’t like driving too fast.

I am rather afraid when it comes to airplanes.

But I absolutely love roller coasters.

I’ve sometimes wondered about the cause of my incongruous taste in entertainment. Maybe it was conditioning over time — I’ve been riding roller coasters since I was a tiny kid. Maybe it was peer pressure — I have family members who love the things.

But really, none of that helped me overcome my fear of heights (I don’t know how many times my dad had to rescue me out of a tree or from the top of a slide). And though I flew as a kid and many family members do it regularly, the idea gives me the shivers today.

In reality, I think it comes down to faith. When I get on a roller coaster, no matter how high it climbs, I have faith that I won’t fall. No matter how fast it goes, I have faith that my safety harness will keep me in.

How come I don’t have as much faith when it comes to life in general?

I’m a worrier. I know better. I believe God is sovereign. I believe He is all-knowing and all-powerful. I believe He is working everything out for His good in my life.

But I still worry — a lot — about things I really shouldn’t. On some level, I lack the faith that I should have.

God is so much safer than a roller coaster. Those who trust in Him have never been let down. No freak accidents. No fatalities.

When challenges come, I should anticipate them with giddy delight. When the world seems to fall out from under me, I should put up my arms and scream with laughter, knowing that I’ll never hit the ground. When I feel caught in a vortex of stasis, I should enjoy getting a little dizzy, knowing that at any moment life is going to shoot off in an entirely new direction.

If I had faith, I would enjoy the ride.

Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.

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