Work and Human Limitations: Allergies

Spring has arrived. So have my allergies.

I tend to be a production oriented person. I like a fun-filled weekend now and then, but by the end of vacations I’m always more than ready to get back work. I love being able to go to bed at night and reflect with satisfaction on what I have accomplished that day. I love making a difference in the world, whether that be through spending time with people or spring-cleaning the house.

I don’t like to be slowed down.

So this year, when allergies hit, I loaded up on Claritin and determined to muddle through. I wasn’t going to let a little cough or sore throat get in my way.

Then, on top of the allergies, I caught a cold. Or the allergies became a cold. Or they became a sinus infection. I don’t know.

Still, I tried not to relent. I popped some Tylenol and Sudafed, and tried to keep going as best I could. I gave up on my exercise routine and focused on easy projects. When I was tired, I crawled into bed with my laptop, determined to keep up on my writing.

I improved. Hope was in sight. I still had a nagging cough and runny nose, but those are small obstacles. It was so nice to be back on my feet again. I was looking forward to getting outside this weekend for a walk in the gorgeous springtime weather.

Then, last night, my cold or allergies or whatever it is went into my ear. More Sudafed. More Ibuprofen. More fluids.

Today I was bound and determined to keep going. I sat down with my laptop, planning to blog and work on another writing project. I read through my Google reader, looking for ideas. I checked a favorite website. I became quite inspired. I found several good ideas.

But the allergy medicine is getting to me, and I am too tired to think or write very well.

My Lenten commitment is to blog daily about something God is teaching me. So this is it for today — I have my limitations.

Unless the LORD builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain.
It is in vain that you rise up early
and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious toil;
for he gives to his beloved sleep.
(Psalm 127:1-2 ESV)

Unless the Lord composes the blog, the blogger blogs in vain. Maybe I’ll go take a nap.

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