Love Speaks

Cries my mind and my heart as my feet pull me down
The path of pretend
I don’t want to go anymore

I beg my feet
No love is at the end
Only speechless quiet

But where?
Cries my heart as my mind searches the stark forgotten unknown
All the words say that this way is not and I know it is not

Is what it has and hasn’t ever been
Hasn’t it?
It is but isn’t and I’m not sure
It never was

It is and has always has been
That motive hiding behind peace and prayer has led me here so many times before and leads me now

Another Word whispers
Turn aside to what is and rest and embrace

I feel it vanishing, slipping as I remember how I gave truth and got pain, sorrow, hate – loss

I cry Come back and take my hand and wrap my trembling fingers in your strong ones
I sob admitting all is blank and vague and without category and full of fear and
Though I’ve tried I always come back to this well-worn  path of smiles and fear and silence

I am lost again — show me the Way

Love speaks

I repent.

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