Advent: One Lady Waiting

I recently participated in an online  discussion on Advent. It made me think.

During Advent, we remember Christ’s first coming. Also, we look toward His second, for which we are waiting. Waiting — that is something I am familiar with.

As a single woman, I am waiting for marriage. I may be active in doing things to help marriage happen. I may be praying boldly for God’s intervention. But all the same, I am waiting. And though I may try to just not think about it at times, it’s hard to forget for very long.

Yet, I often forget that I am engaged in another sort of waiting. As a part of Christ’s Bride, I am waiting for the return of my Husband.

Am I actively preparing for His coming? Do I pray that the Father would send Him quickly?

Do I even remember that I am waiting for Him?

This Advent and in the coming year, I want to live more intentionally within the reality of this waiting. I am waiting for the advent of my King.



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